Welcome to the File Storage Utility. This page lets you store a picture on the internet so that you can show it in your messages on The Chip Board, The Strike Point, The Slot Card BBS or CC&GTCC Bulletin Board. Files here are only temporary, they will be automatically deleted after 20 days. Please don't use the files stored here for any other purpose.

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File Storage

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To Store a File

  • Fill in your name and email address. This information is for verification purposes only and will not be sold or given to any 3rd party.
  • Press the Browse button on the form above. It will open a window in your browser, that will allow you to navigate on your hard drive to where the file is located.
  • Select the file and press the Open button.  The File will then appear in the File to Store box.
  • When you are satisfied, Press the Submit button and wait for a response!

Only .jpg and .gif files will be accepted!  Max file size is 156k.

For Best Results: File names should contain only the alphabet from a-z, upper or lowercase, and the numerals 0-9 only. No special characters or spaces.

Copyright 2012 David Spragg